You have always known you were special. Different. Some of you know why your eyes are such a strange shade, or why your hair blows softly in a breeze that does not exist, or refracts rainbows in the light of the sun. Some of you know why your skin is like marble, or why the cerulean depths of the ocean hold no mysteries to you. Some of you look just like everyone else, but still, you know you are not the same. You are bound for a singular destiny, a role in Creation that could be the most terrible blessing or the grandest curse ever to plague the Age of Sorrows. Only some of you don’t know why.

Meanwhile at the edges of Creation, a thousand rivers flow deep, whispering of fates outside fate, and the Lunar Exalted are on the move. The Pattern Spiders pause at their Loom, uncertain, but they, too, do not know why.

Welcome to Biting the Sun, an Exalted chronicle by William Norton. A small group of confused god-blooded mortals are whisked away into a pocket of Creation deep in the Wyld, where they will be wrought by tribulation and tempered by destiny, forged into much more than they were before.

Biting the Sun

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