Sturdy ruffian raised as a brawler around the back alleys and gangs of Great Forks.



  • Strength:3 Dexterity:2 Stamina:4
  • Charisma:1 Manipulation:3 Appearance:2
  • Perception:3 Intelligence:1 Wits:4


  • Athletics:1 Awareness:3 Dodge:2 Integrity:3 Martial Arts*:5 Resistance: 3
  • Craft Earth:2 Larceny:3 Presence:2 Stealth:1 Survival:3
    *- indicates favored ability

Essence:2 Willpower:7 Motes:33


  • Patron:2
  • Allies:2
  • Backing:2
  • Resources:1
  • Inheritance:2

Negative Mutations

Debility:2 Deficiency:1 Deformity:4
Unnatural Being Hungry Elemental Form
Natural Enmity
Diet Restriction

Positive Mutations

Abomination:6 Affliction:2 Blight:4 Pox:1
Elemental Rejuvenation Sunken Rock
God Body
God Body
Supernatural Fortitude


Compassion:1 Temperance:1 Conviction:4 Valor:3

Health and Soak
3:-0HL 3:-1HL 2:-2HL 1:-4HL 1:Incap.
Bashing:5/10 Lethal:5/9 Aggravated:3/7


Labeled kin-slayer by the other orphans in Great Forks after the tales of his gruesome birth that followed this unseemly looking child. His mother, a prostitute and general vagrant, was lucky to make it so long in life without birthing a child. The night of Granite’s conception was just another night of business for his mother. There was a local festival to the earth elementals and she had earned enough money for a room but vetoed that for a night of some good drugs, Woad and some Coca leaves were her fine wine of choice. Hammered in a few various ways and hallucinating for over an hour she passed out and relieved herself at the same time.
That concluded Unendingly Sullied Wench’s memory of the evening as a local earth elemental took interest in her rudy looks and be-smudged facade. He decided to give this foul smelling hallucinating mortal the most important part of her life, his seed. Raping her and pleasuring himself to his heart’s content he left her bruised, battered and carrying a heavy burden. The pregnancy was good for business, lots of perverts like to beat pregnant women since they can’t bully their own wives and you can charge extra. The child, despite the pre-birth beatings, survived the pregnancy to full term unfortunately for Unendingly Sullied Wench. The birth was rough for Wench and they realized early on she was not gonna make it, the child was too rough for mortal birthing canals. By the end of the birth Wench was destroyed, but this being Calibration, she stood over her destroyed body and bloodied son.
“You brought me my greatest wealth and the most pain I’ve ever felt my Forsaken Prince of Blood-Stained Granite.”

The next few years passed as any deformed child in a abusive, wildly unmonitored orphanage would, with lots of fighting and abuse and horrible nicknames, kin-slayer being the one that stuck. This early childhood of brutality and violence hardened his attitude much like his polished stone-looking skin. He joined a gang as soon as he could beat his way into one and quickly became a favorite in the back alley brawls and regularly bet on himself for extra scratch. When not utilizing some unique skills of his to perform assigned gang tasks Granite, as his acquaintances came to call him, was brawling for money, watching people fight and even sometimes disappeared off the gang’s radar. This kid is tough and gritty, but his word is his word, he lives by it and will pummel your skull in for it.


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